Kanekoa, here’s a story that’s flown under the radar.

There’s another sad case of an athlete in the US suffering a sudden health emergency. Daniel Brito, 23 years old, played AA baseball until mid-summer when he was called up to AAA by the Lehigh Valley (PA) Iron Pigs (affiliate of the Phillies). On 15 July the local paper ran a story on how the AAA team had to cancel a youth camp because “not enough of their heroes had been vaccinated... MLB requires an 85% vaccination rate to conduct youth camps, and the team had not reached that threshhold. As a result the July camp was canceled. However, the team media relations was optimistic it would hold the youth camp in August.” (Link)


“Daniel Brito was promoted to AAA on 22 July.” (Link)

https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/phillies-minor-leaguer-daniel-brito-in-stable-condition-in-rochester-hospital/ar-AAMU17B On 31 July, Daniel Brito suffered a stroke and collapsed on the field in Rochester, NY. Here is the video of his collapse on the field:


I have a question: was Daniel Brito’s promotion from AA to AAA conditional on his getting the covid vaccine? Daniel Brito hails from Venezuela. Most minor league baseball players from Latin American countries make little money and are at the mercy of major league franchises. A chance to move up to AAA is rare and would be nearly impossible for a young man chasing his dream to pass up. As of 30 September, “There is still a long road of rehab ahead for Daniel Brito.” Keep him in your prayers.


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Do not comply. Hold the line.

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Good job compiling the known cases so far!

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Even without confirmation, Christian Erikkson and Sergio Aguero both had reactions to the vaccine. A lot of elite athletes where the pool is only small having a lot of side effects....

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NFL players are starting to test positive again, Professional Soccer players dropping on the field due to chest pain...

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Not so effective nor safe?

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There's absolutely no need on a 99.9%recovery rate to get this none sense money making covid vaccine its pure malpractice and those vaccines are dangerous and should be removed from the market.to invent a vaccine takes 4 to 10 years

People thanks god are waking up now.luesies lies

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Won't let me share on fb. Surprised? Hell no.

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No wonder. Look at the pictures of all the strange MICROSTRUCTURES IN COVID VACCINES: ( inorganic crystals or Wireless Nanosensors Network?) in this academic paper published at Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/356507702_MICROSTRUCTURES_IN_COVID_VACCINES_inorganic_crystals_or_Wireless_Nanosensors_Network

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I had my first Pfizer shot Sept 14th and have been dealing with hives since. Three ER trips and multiple doses of steroids when it attacks my throat. No ins.

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This is related to this topic but I do not know where else to put it. If anyone has anything to add please reply. This guy is looking for supporting info.

Ok, translation below for part one. Mostly eliminating acronyms and putting explanations for all.

This is prepping a case to attack the bait and switch the DOD pulled between comirnaty and the emergency use authorized vax which fed law says cannot be switched out. Team, I got a call for help from one of my inside sources. High ranking JAG (judge advocate general - military lawyer). See below: CALL FOR HELP - RESEARCH SUPPORT URGENTLY NEEDED (& ALREADY PARTIALLY WORKING). -TOP PRIORITY. Someone with DMLSS (Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support) access to track inventory numbers/quantities of BLA-compliant (biologics license approval- fda approval for any vax)lot packages received in the DHA (defense health agency) MHS (military health system - database) enterprise. National stock numbers (FSC+NIIN - stock codes) cross-referenced to

Pfizer-BioNTech Natl Drug Code numbers are: 195-vial pack: NSN 6505-01-692-4172 = NDC 59267-1000-2 25-vial pack: NSN 6505-01-692-4174 = NDC 59267-1000-3 NOTE: DMLSS (defense medical logistics standard support) procedures say that vax quantities are tracked by NSN and LOT NO. and NOT BY NDC(not sure what this is - I believe a National lot number) Objective is to determine how much Pfizer vax with the 9 BLA lot numbers came through DLA/DHA. FYI: DLA has already responded to my FOIA with "NO DATA" and forwarded it to DHA. (See attached)

Part ii translation -"Easy one." CDC vax data. There is a robust tracking system with

manipulable/downloadable data here: https://data.cdc.gov/browse?tags=covid-19. Additionally,

advana.data.mil (Common access card and access protected) is tracking ALL VAX DATA - to include number of doses administered. Recall that COL Rans (DHA vaccinator in chief) claimed that DoD has "hundreds of thousands of doses" of BLA-compliant Pfizer vax. If we can demonstrate that the number of Pfizer vax doses delivered to active duty/reserve/guard personnel is in the millions, then the claim that a small fraction of that (even if it is "hundreds of thousands" - though the preceding REquest for information (RFI)/action item aims to defeat that claim) was BLA-compliant highlights the opposite reality - that hundreds of thousands of NON-COMPLIANT doses have been forced on the active and reserve/guard components since 24 August - the key cutoff date going from voluntary to mandatory.

-DEfense health agency chain of command. If anyone can substantiate quickly that most Military

treatment facilities (MTFs), hospitals, Military health system markets, etc., are under operation control or administrative control of DHA, we can show that the service secretary and surgeon general orders to medical personnel are inoperative. E.g., I went (either myself or through colleagues) to Walter Reed, Ft.Meade (Kimbrough), and DiLorenzo (Pentagon). None had comirnaty - but I was ordered to get the Pfizer vax by chain of command. Medical personnel there were NOT under command of Navy but rather under DHA. Only relevant "interchangability" memo is Assistant Secretary of defense and that one says to administer Pfizer "IN ACCORDANCE WITH" SECDEF memo, which, conversely, says "NO PFIZER!". So the ASsistant secretary defense memo isn't worth the paper it's printed on. -

Legislative history regarding a very specific change to the EMergency use authorization (EUA) statute (21 USC 360bbb-3). This first came on the books with the 2004 National defense authorization act (NDAA), and was quickly replaced, completely, by Project Bioshield 2004. In 2013 it was amended by the PAndemic and all hazards preparedness act (PAHPHA). A key change made by PAHPRA was to have an EUA declaration terminate as soon as the EUA product approval status changed, along with a requirment that Health and human services / FDA proactively brief a product sponsor on obstacles and next steps to product licensure as soon as the effective period of an EUA hit 1 year. (Before the amendment the declaration would auto-terminate in 1 year, unless renewed.) FDA was also required by the new language to periodically review progress towards licensure. The importance of this is that it demonstrates clearly that FDA never intended a "permanent" EUA alongside an approved license for the same product.

And since we must assume that FDA is correct in re-issuing the EUA for Pfizer, it is NOT THE SAME.

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Hi Kanekoa, there's another World Class Athlete to be added, namely the sprinter and 2016 Olympic Medallist Christophe Lemaître. In 2010, he became the first White (Caucasian) Man in recorded history to sprint the 100-meter-dash in less than 10 seconds. He was set to qualify for the 2021 Olympics, at 31. He was in very good shape in April before his shots, then in May his training performances dropped below threshold times! As a result, he had to renounce taking part in the qualifiers in June. He's always kept a low profile in the media, and only his trainer Thierry Tribondeau has spoken on the topic, for France 3 TV.

Another sports Frenchman to fall victim of the vaccine is Tennis champion Jérémy Chardy, 34, and ATP's #73 player. He took the vaccine in August, after the Games. Ever since he took it, he feels vivid pain during any effort, and decided to stop his sporting season early. He openly said he "regrets" having taken it.

A lesser known victim in France is Triathlete Antoine Méchin (who ran the Ironman Marathon). After the vaccine, he felt pain in his chest and after an MRI was finally diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism(!) which astonished the doctors. More astonishing was to hear the heart doctors in the Bordeaux clinic admit they have never seen that many cases among athletes. My source here is Sud-Ouest journal.

Thanks for your effort in documenting this insane human sacrifice.

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