Wow, thank you for this. I'll be sharing this widely.

If I had to add something regarding the larger geopolitical picture, it would be that from a strategic standpoint, China, Russia, or any of the Eurasian powers had no real reason to release something like COVID-19. Economically speaking, China was in a way better place, and the US experiencing an economic downturn would not and isn't in its strategic interest, regardless of what some folks think.

On the other hand, the US is sitting on the largest financial bubble in human history. In fact, as Wall Street on Parade has documented, EVEN before the pandemic, the major Wall Street banks were already receiving trillions and trillions of dollars (6 trillion) in emergency repo-loans by January 2020. That's three months before the pandemic even hit. That financial bubble is still to pop. We're talking about a quadrillion dollar derivatives bubble...


The Western financial oligarchy was and remains the one with the most to lose right now, and those in the know are well-aware that. On the other hand, from 2016-2020, both Russia and China have strategically beefed up their military capabilities, making the possibility of a US ''first strike'' now virtually impossible and guaranteed suicide. This wasn't the case a few years ago when the US was seriously considering developing their ''first strike'' ability by setting up ABM systems all across Russia's perimeter. And regardless of its problems, the Trump presidency ultimately meant the Deep State players had four years of lost time to catch up on, while both Russia and China essentially leapfrogged. From a strategic standpoint, something big like the pandemic was necessary for the neo-feudal western financial oligarchs. They needed a crisis. With the pandemic, a significant degree of behavior modification, ''priming,'' and other PSYOPS has been waged on the Western population.

Despite their problems, China and Russia are not insane actors, they are still committed to their own survival and not trying to cull a significant part of its population. One can't say that for the Western financial oligarchs. They are the ones pushing a global Malthusian depopulation ''Great Reset'' in the hopes of taking humanity back to a post-industrial pre-Renaissance age, only this time with a technocratic caveat. The Five Eyes are all over this, which is there are so many sketchy British scientists and eugenics-tied interests involved in the new health-surveillance panopticon that they're trying to develop. Conveniently, the msm, whether right or left, still continues to try to ''frame'' this pandemic as a China issue. That's a total PSYOP.

Exhibit A:

''Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? Who’s to Blame for the COVID Pandemic?''


Exhibit B:

The careful and meticulous use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and ''Behavioral Nudging'' in virtually ALL the pandemic narrative across the Five Eyes.


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Jan 20, 2022Liked by Kanekoa

This investigation is shocking! Brilliant work Kanekoa! These people are disgusting. They are vile and disgusting.

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This discovery ties loose ends together. It is stunning how deep and wide this mess goes. The horrific things that have happened in this world because of these peoples greed and dishonesty is horrible and heartbreaking.

I pray for justice for all those who have lost much during this debacle.

Congratulations on putting these pieces together. 🙏🏽❤️🌺

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This is the comment I wrote along with the link to your post in my social networks -

"The story behind the origins + coverup of Covid is starting to emerge, as FOIA requests for govt agency emails are starting to be released from 2020. Some cool people on the Internet spend their time combing through them and putting together the story in a coherent manner for the rest of us to read.

This kind of grassroots, underground reporting is essential in this information war, and it's our hope of getting out of this web of insanity one day. I highly recommend reading this post when you have time!"


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New subscriber. Your stack was recommended and, boy, am I glad it was. This is a fantastic post. Way past the other stacks I read. Thank-you for all the work you do to bring forward great information like this.

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DARPA also funded Fauci and Wuhan.

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Hold in your mind and put on the back burner all of this gain of function and breadcrumbs that we have been directly given. Contemplate for a moment that there is no virus and that this all started from a 2019-2020 flu injection that simulated an outbreak when the elderly started dying in mass. Sometimes the most likely reason that this happened is not what happened. It is most likely better for us to know this rather than the reason being an injected genocide. Dr. Tru Ott stated recently that no virus would ever cause taste and smell to be affected. He said it is more likely that it is a neuro-toxin.

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Great article! It seems like there are so many connections to the Wuhan Lab. I’d like to add one that I’ve been sitting on for almost 2 years. Sorry this ended up longer than I wanted and had so much more I’d like to have put in, but will leave that for another day.

Most people talk about the virus coming out of the Wuhan Lab. But why are we not talking about all those involved with helping the Wuhan Lab to weaponize the covid virus? The question is, where did they get a sample of the coronavirus from? Especially since they only started operation in January of 2018. One place that is very possible is from the Winnipeg Lab 4 (National Microbiology Laboratory, NML). There is a lot more to the NML then is being talked about IMO. I’ll just write the short form of what I have found. It’s all available on the internet for anyone interested.

1. Dr. Ali Mohamed Zaki who worked at Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital in Jeddah, discovered a novel betacoronavirus in June, 2012 on a 60 yr old male from Saudi Arabia presenting with pneumonia like symptoms. This male died of the coronavirus. It has been named MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus).

2. Also in June 2012, Dr. Zaki sent a clinical specimen to Ron Fouchier a dutch virologist at Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands. Dr. Zaki would later be fired for sending the samples to the Netherlands.

3. The coronavirus arrived in Winnipeg from the Netherlands on May 4, 2013 as stated by Dr. Frank Plummer the scientific director at that time. He also states to see which animal species can be infected with the new virus. Dr. Plummer states that having the actual virus allows you to develop antibody tests which are key for a diagnosis of viral infections. The NML is also home to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease. The two are in the same building.

4. It’s interesting to look at all of Dr. Plummer’s accomplishments but I’ll leave that to you to look up. I will say that he along with Dr. Fauci won the HIV-AIDS fields award at the Canada Gairdner Awards in 2016.

5. Sadly Dr. Plummer died suddenly in Kenya on February, 2020 at the age of 67. It is reported that he had a “heart attack”. Wonder what he knew?

6. So now we know that the coronavirus is in Winnipeg. Let’s go to July 2019. An acclaimed scientist from NML Xiangguo Qiu along with her husband another biologist and members of her research team (one of them named Feihu Yan had affiliations with the People’s Liberations Army) were escorted out of the lab by the RCMP. Qiu has made a number of trips to China including 2 to the Wuhan lab over the years. And the arrests seem to be connected to the shipments of Ebola and Henipavirus to the Wuhan Lab in March of 2019. At least those are the virus’s reported to have been shipped. But it is interesting to note that samples from early Wuhan covid patients show the presence of genetically modified Henipavirus which is one of the two viruses sent to China by Qiu. So far the investigation is still ongoing in Canada. So as long as it’s ongoing then apparently the public cannot know what is all involved. And what is really interesting is that Dr. Qiu has collaborated on Ebola research with the Chinese military’s top epidemiologist Major General Chen Wei. They published 2 papers together in 2016 and 2020. On the paper the Maj. Gen.’s identity is concealed and instead of revealing her connection to the People’s Liberation Army she identified as Wei Chen and epidemiologist with a PhD degree. The Globe and Mail confirmed that they are the same person. One of a few journalists who have dug into this is Elaine Dewar. She has written a book called “On the Origin of the Deadliest Pandemic in 100 years: An Investigation. There are a lot of articles that I have come across with a lot of questions that I could add but I’ll leave this one as there is too much out there that I’d want to copy here. https://www.eurasiareview.com/15072021-covering-for-dr-xiangguo-qiu-nothing-to-steal-from-canadas-national-microbiology-lab-oped/

7. Then months later we have sick athletes from the Wuhan Military Games.

There are so many more connections and questions that I have found. Did Dr. Qiu from the NML steal the coronavirus and send it to the Wuhan lab? Where are Qiu, her husband? What’s happened with the investigation? Why did the Gates Foundation donate so much money to the University of Manitoba? (There are researchers at the U of M working with the NML.) Rumour is so that the U of M hires who the Gates Foundation wants them to hire. How come the NML doesn’t conduct searches of staff when they exit the lab? There was an incident where Dr. Konan Michael Yao got caught sneaking 22 vials of biological material at the Manitoba North Dakota border. This was in 2009. His excuse was he didn’t want to start over with his research so he stole the vials to take to his new place of work. (It’s been noted it was Ebola and/or HIV that he stole.) Which was in Maryland. Also interesting is that that’s where the picture of Fauci and Obama was taken and mistaken for the Wuhan lab. Also, Erin O’Toole (former Conservative Party Leader), Has stated asking “whatever happened in Winnipeg, It’s clear Trudeau is trying to cover it up.” O’Toole in a video says what we know so far. Or what he knows so far. And he hasn’t brought it up since to my knowledge. Opposition parties joined forces to pass a Commons order demanding that the Public Health Agency of Canada turn over all unredacted documents related to the firing of the scientists. Why did the Trudeau gov. apply to the Federal Court of Canada to prevent release of the documents which they claim would be injurious to international relations or to national defense or national security? But the Commons order to produce the documents was terminated when Parliament was dissolved for a federal election. Is this why Trudeau called a snap election for Sept. of last year? Did Trudeau need a distraction to prevent the documents from being released? Very fishy!! So how could two scientists with deep connections to the Chinese military be able to gain access to a high-level Canadian security-cleared laboratory with the world’s most dangerous viruses? This is a quote from Stéphane Bergeron of Canada’s Bloc Québécois, “It appears we have helped the Chinese military develop their own biological warfare skills.” Jack Harris of the socialist New Democratic Party was also worried about collaboration between the Winnipeg laboratory and China. As were many others.

There seems to be so many connections that leads to the fact that the NML is involved. And really who would make a connection to a Lab 4 in a very small city in a province that most of the world has never heard of. All this may be nothing. But it’s hard to not question this after you are awake to the corruptions of the world. Every time I come back and research this I come up with more stuff. It seems to never end 😊

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Thank you for sharing this! We are doing everything we can to spread the word! 🍏❤️

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As Daszak is British, what is the likelihood there is a MI6 connection or do the CIA work alone?


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You need to do the same deep dive on Metabiota. Even worse IMO.

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Huff needs to be careful or he could find himself in Epstein land.

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"Biosurveillance" was always an obvious crock of shit. A trained eye can spot a mile off these euphemisms that the spooks use to whitewash their activities in the NGO-style rhetoric of global development or public health. Daszak also never had the look of a mastermind about him. In fact he never even particularly looked like he knew what his own org was doing himself. Fits very well with this leaker's depiction of a man being puppeteered by forces semi-unknown. The ironic upshot here is that the same leftists asleep at the wheel over SARS-CoV-2 would categorically agree with the proposition USAID is a CIA vehicle in places like Latin America. But part of a lab leak conspiracy? Nah, that's crazy and "dangerous"!

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My opinion:

The coronavirus of 2019 was another version of the flu that was deliberately release on the planet yearly for financial benefit of the Tribe.

The Covid-19 virus however was a manipulated infection deliberately given to people by the covid-19 "tests". People were purposefully killed in hospitals with toxic drugs and ventilators instead of given OTC medications and vitamins and anti-biotics. The reason for the deception was the kill rate numbers had to be huge so that the public would be fearful of this infection and want to get a vaccine for prevention.

There was no vaccine for prevention. There was only the population reduction shot of a nano-tech operating system to destroy the body's natural immunity. The continued shots and boosters are all a scam to keep people in a state of destructive health until death.

The tribe of death and destruction is behind this entire destruction of the people, land and cultures on the earth. Their agenda is world domination and the destruction of all of humanity worldwide except for several hundred millions of people who will have become trans-human and controlled by EMF waves on their brains. They will be the worker slaves for the tribe in their utopia for them alone.

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I believe this was a psychological operation on two fronts. The general population was scared into compliance by manipulated statistics, media hysteria and medical malpractice, not by a new virus. The experts for hire, whatever else they believed, definitely thought their backs would be covered. Until they were caught.

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Excellent. I think that the proof of patent registration by Dr David E Martin adds to the perpetration of a crime against humanity. As for SARS1 Isolation, I disagree as FOI requested from Robert Koch institute were never fulfilled.. The spook was already in full cloak mode.

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