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This is essentially it in a nutshell, Dr. Shapira said “No one asked and checked.”

Well some of asked. And we were ostracized. Lost relationships with friends and family, many lost their jobs as well.

A horrible toll on humanity by evil globalist.

I share the hope that Dr. Shapira will bring attention and give credibility to thinking critically about what has been done.

Crimes against humanity.

Mahalo 🙏🏽❤️🌺

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On Facebook I follow the summer camp I went to as a kid. It’s a high end 4 week camp full of kids from progressive families. Undoubtedly most of the kids are vaxxed, although it’s not required. This year the camp has been plagued with illness. Mostly Flu, but also hand Foot & Mouth, and a very small amount of Covid. Some cabins of 14 kids would have 2 well kids. The rest were in the infirmary or sent home. Is it the vax? We’ll never know. But someone does.

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Ever since the NYC Health Dept sent a demand to the WHO to Rename Monkey Pox so as not to Offend or Oppress any particular race of people, I immediately presumed that by all probability, it should likely be called VaxxPox. I had already seen the information on diminishing immune response pertaining to the jabs, ... but this seals the deal for me to continue calling it VaxxPox. lol

Besides, it's less abrasive than the alternate choice of CoxPox. lmao

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My eyes have been and will continue to be

On Israel. They have been the canary in

The coal mine.

My eyes will always be on Israel because

It is the place where The Christ was and

Will return.

Data from this country with Alex Berenson

Has been insightful.

I am saddened by this man’s injuries

But he has the balls to admit just what

Is going on!!

They can censor everyone anywhere

Still the Truth will be recognized and

Known. Time of the Revelation.

God Bless Israel.

God Bless the efforts to illuminate the


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You can't have more of an insider than this coming out with the truth about the vaccines.

This should backfire on Pfizer and Twitter adding weight to the great cascade of reality breaking through.

Who spends their life editing "The Essentials of Terror Medicine?"

With such intellectual investment in the field of biowarfare how and why did all this circle back on to itself, to the field's own experts? You can't write it any stranger as science fiction.

Hope you noticed Dr. Jessica Rose's Substack today. Twitter is out there sweeping again with a vengeance, just as Elon Musk filed a sizeable countersuit just before the deadline, with a beefed up legal team.


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Karma can be a bitch when you push lethal jabs. He’s half right. Yes on immune suppression in a population already immune suppressed by their sexual proclivities. But is it really all monkeypox? Or is it reactivation of chickenpox or autoimmune blistering from the jab. Kinda curious how an African infection is barely present in Africa but only in the heavily jabbed locales.

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What an article!!! If this doesn’t wake up some people I don’t know what will!!!

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Brilliant Compilation

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Thanks Kanekoa.

Shared to about a dozen 'private' F.Book groups.

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OpenVaers.com is VAERS,

but is user friendly.

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Kanekoa.....I followed you are Telegram until telegram blew up my phone.

YOU are F'n Impressive Thanks for being A Warrior...dude the momentum has swung in our favor...they are terrified...... I use my smart ass comments to infuse Fearless attitude like playing sports your intensity will protect and serve you in the game from getting hurt. At this we are Spirits in human bodies

battling an uncompromising enemy. WE Win. God Wins. Game on, Game ain't over ...it has just begun.

Keep Rocking!!!!

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This will be huge

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Imagine that you manufacture safety seatbelts for cars. You claim that your belts will save lives. You've tested them for a few months on a few hundred cars (later reports indicate that you fudged the numbers a bit to get FHSA approval.)

Now, imagine that you negotiate a contract with the government, making such restraints mandatory in all vehicles. Of course, you needn't imagine it because that's already happened.

And now, imagine that people, using your seatbelts, were injured in accidents anyway. Imagine that some were injured by the seatbelts themselves. Imagine that your response, as the manufacturer, is that people need to come back every 4-6 months to get the belts reinstalled. Imagine that they will always have to get the belts reinstalled.

Now, imagine that after they have had their belts reinstalled three or four times, they find themselves disproportionately in a group of being injured disproportionately and that those people using your belts were most likely to become injured in an automobile accident.

Now imagine your attorney's arguments to keep you from being sued out of existence.

Now, imagine that you negotiated in your contract with the government to supply the only approved brand of mandatory seatbelts, that you would also be immune from all lawsuits for injury or death as a result of relying on the seatbelts the government told you were mandatory.

Imagine that.

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Just heard a radio commercial stating if you're not boosted, you can get very sick and wind up in the hospital. I'm so glad Dr Shapira is speaking out...what he says is not new, but I'll take it. He says, "...Why? What is the logic? Which authority approved? And don't say that it prevents a serious illness, no one has proven it."

No matter how he got here, he got here. 🙌🏼

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I truly do not understand how such a qualified scientist could take that shot - three shots if to be precise.

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IMO, this is one of those articles you can send to even your biggest die-hard vaccine fans, even the, “NO, no, don’t even speak about one solitary thing that may possibly even hint that the sacred clot shot may not be right for everyone” types. *DON’T MISS the compiled articles after the subscription button.

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