Tucker Carlson: The Bidens Made Millions From The Chinese Government

The Hunter Biden Laptop story is the Biden family selling out America to China.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson spent the first half of his show on Monday connecting the dots on President Joe Biden's financial enrichment from China and the policy decisions he has made that are crippling America while benefiting China.

Carlson outlined the case that the Biden family is a criminal organization selling out America’s interest to China while being protected by “one corrupt system the Biden’s sit at the top of”.

Carlson emphasized China’s control over America’s corporate media apparatus, social media platforms, and law enforcement agencies which have continued to cover up smoking gun evidence that Joe Biden is the biggest traitor in American history.

"The real story is not that Hunter Biden is a crack head who liked prostitutes and underage girls although that appears to be very true and law enforcement should look into it. The real story is that the Biden family was getting rich from business with our enemies, they were selling access to the US government to China, and that is a crime."

Biden’s China First Policies

Biden ignored US intelligence report that covid might have originated in Wuhan Lab.

Biden cancelled the 'China Initiative' counter-espionage program.

Biden plans to end Chinese tariffs.

Biden arrested the architect of Chinese tariffs Peter Navarro.

Biden arrested Steve Bannon, a leading voice criticizing the CCP.

Biden crippled American domestic energy production.

Biden is making the US dependent on Chinese wind and solar tech.

Biden is draining the US strategic petroleum reserve set aside for national emergencies.

Biden turned over Afghanistan's trillion dollar mineral wealth to the CCP.

Biden dropped Trump admin's efforts to ban Chinese surveillance programs like WeChat and TikTok.

Biden rescinded Trump order banning Chinese involvement in the US power grid.

Biden approved Huawei license to buy US auto chips.

"Whatever helps the Chinese Government he has dutiful done. Whatever hurts America's most important strategic interest, he has also done."

“If you’re the Chinese government, this is the master stroke. This is the checkmate. Once you control a country’s energy grid, you control that country.”

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Biden Sold Out America To China

The Hunter Biden Laptop story is how the Chinese Government got control over Joe Biden.

Biden talks to Hunter about his CEFC China Energy business dealings in a voicemail.

Biden repeatedly lied that he had no knowledge of his son's business dealings in China.

Ye Jianming, the founder of CEFC, was arrested and disappeared by the Chinese Government in 2018.

CEFC's Patrick Ho was arrested in New York for bribing African officials to help Iran avoid oil sanctions.

Joe Biden was making millions from CEFC China Energy.

Hunter's emails show Joe Biden would get 10% of the CEFC China Energy Deal.

"10% held by H for the big guy"

In early 2017, Ye Jianming's State Energy HK sent $6 million to Hunter's business partner Rob Walker.

In June 2017, Hunter emailed Ye demanding $10 million more for a new company called Sino Hawk Holdings.

In August 2017, Hunter's company called Hudson West received $5 million from CEFC.

CEFC also paid Hunter's law firm Owasco $5 million.

Owasco sent $1.4 million to Jim Biden's Lion Hall Consulting.

Emails show Ye promised to pay Hunter Biden $10 million a year for "introductions alone".

In other words, leveraging his father's position in government to get rich.

That's illegal, right? It's also a violation of the FARA act which the Biden admin has been enforcing against it's political enemies.

Hunter wrote to a CEFC official that Ye had amended the deal to provide for "a much more lasting and lucrative arrangement".

These payments continued even after CEFC officials were arrested for corruption charges.

Hunter was paid $1 million to represent Ye's deputy Patrick Ho.

Hunter referred to Patrick Ho as "the f*cking spy chief of China".

"Here you have the President's son who is talking to his dad about his business deal with China admitting that the guy he is dealing with is the Chinese government's spy chief. It's almost unbelievable."


Hunter Made More Than $30 Million

In October 2020, Joe Biden denied his family made any money from China during the Presidential debates.

In all, Hunter Biden made more than $30 million from entities affiliated with China's Communist government.

In December 2013, Hunter and Joe flew to Beijing on Air Force Two and that's when Hunter introduced his father to a Bohai Harvest executive.

“That's a flat-out violation of the law. You can't take Air Force Two to China to lobby on behalf of the Chinese Government your own father. Full-on crime.”

“The Biden's denied it, but Hunter eventually took a 10% stake in that company worth about $20 million.”

Then a Chinese company called Harvest Global sent $5 million to Hunter's Burnham Asset Management.

Hunter Biden reached out to Harvest Global's Chairman and said the investment would be "important to the Biden family".

Hunter promised "Washington DC access for investors" to Harvest Global.

Hunter co-founded Rosemont Reality which owns commercial buildings across the US. 

A Hong Kong based firm named Gemini Investments bought Rosemont Reality.

Gemini was controlled by Sino-Ocean Land which was chaired by the head of China Ocean Shipping Corporation (COSCO).

Japanese Government agencies report that "Chinese intelligence services are closely linked to COSCO".

“This story intersects with the single biggest generational story taking place in the world and that's the rise of China and the decline of the United States and the Biden family participated directly in that shift of power from the United States to China.”

“This is not about Hunter Biden arguing with a hooker about how much crack is on the scale, this is about the Biden family selling out America, including it's most precious assets to the Chinese government.”

Everything they accused the Trump family of doing with the Russia hoax, the Biden family was actually doing with the Chinese government.

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