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This whole COVID-19 operation was sick and twisted. The people behind it, pushing it, knew all along that this would be the outcome.

Will they be held accountable? I don't believe so. I also don't believe they would have tried this -- if they didn't already know that they could get away with it.

That's why everything was compartmentalized, and directed through "consensus" CDC, and the FDA. There's no single person to pin this down on.

In the end, a lot of people will die, and nothing will be done to those who perpetuated it.

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While I agree with you, I’m surprised you presumably don’t see what I see. The entire event was cooked up over 25y in its generalities, in 2009 (Swine flu pandemic”) to test & operationalise PCR mass testing (I think that was wholly a fake pandemic) & in 2019 (Event 201) to run a dress rehearsal of the PsyOps, props, authoritarianism, Media & Tech interfaces etc.

I am well aware I’ve got myself in trouble by doubting there really being a new illness (mostly because the US all causes mortality data apparently do not support that at all) I ask people to be open to the possibility.

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If Trump wants a chance at 2024, he better address this sht. Doubt he will though. I guarantee DeSantis will.

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1000% correct. But exactly who will hold them accountable?

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Right there with you. The question is . . . how? We need to come up with a well-organized strategy.

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And now the CDC is trying to sweep their crimes under the rug by relaxing the guidelines. Funny how this happened just 2 days after Denmark BANNED the COVID death shot to all people 18 years and younger. Said the side effects out weigh the benefits. Well if that is true for the children of Denmark then it is true for ALL children EVERYWHERE. The day of reckoning is coming for the criminals that literally are responsible for the death and disability of what will end up being billions of people around the world.

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Held accountable is an English understatement.

Capital punishment.

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As nearly everyone else is asking, but how?

Sternly worded letters and emails don't work, tar and feathers are no longer in vogue and if we start using piano wire and lampposts for justice we have become as bad and more obvious than the criminals.

From my perspective, these and so much more are just symptoms of a larger issue, the silent delegation of responsibility to faceless bureaus of power. Those are what need to be dismantled for there to be any kind of actual improvement. I am no anarchist by any stretch, but their motto of burn it all down is beginning to grow on me.

The challenge and reasonable approach, is for people to stand up, say NO to regulation, programs, great engineered societies and the lies if the equity/save the planet snake oil carnival barkers. Stand up and take responsibility for one's own future. Stand up and deny them the opportunity to be their regular drug addict of consumption. Give the leaches of control the salt they deserve.

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Put simply, Covid-19 was not an epidemiological event, it was a money laundering scheme, a smokscreen for economic/social restructuring towards total control and a massive psychological operation.

Two and a half years later, as bureaucrats and politicians wind down the Covid restrictions in order to quell growing unrest, we can be assured they will insist on retaining the “right” to re-impose them at will.

As long as “new variants lurk right around the corner”, public health bureaucrats and pandemic profiteers can invent the next “health emergency” to impose more shutdowns for any “viral event” that conveniently suits their political and financial aims.

While the Covid propaganda has vanished it is imperative we keep the mountain of lies under scrutiny and continue unveiling the massive corruption that defines the “Covid Era.” This is the only path towards justice and is necessary to defend against future episodes of “pandemic” hysteria.

Ultimately there can be no comprehensive debate and complete understanding of the devastating consequences of the ‘Covid Crisis’ policies without a historical and up-to-date analysis of the Medical Industry’s role in pushing socioeconomic and political agendas which benefit the ruling elites.

It is vital to understand that the public health industry is now directly tied to global markets and operates based on the demands of those financial conglomerates. Manufactured pandemics are now mammoth investment opportunities that increase the wealth of billionaires and further consolidate their power.

It is also necessary to recognize that the primary purpose of the medical industry is no longer the “art of healing”, it has become a financial instrument benefiting investors.

‘We the people‘ must also recognize that the Medical Industry has now been fully weaponized as a punitive system designed to process, dehumanize and control every single person in the system. Before our very eyes, we have seen up close how mere biological existence is criminalized by that system.

Though the story of the fradulent "Covid Pandemic" is nearly over, the sorcery that created it has not been exorcised.

The urgent message that we must take from these past two years is that we are under sustained psychological warfare and have been for quite some time.

We won’t have truly won until it is universally established that Medical Freedom is not a negotiable commodity controlled by state bureaucrats, political opportunists or the medical cartel.

Nothing has been won until the ideology that the state controls our bodily autonomy has been thoroughly repudiated.

This story is not finished until the individuals and institutions that deceived the public and censored and persecuted dissenting voices over the past two and a half years are publicly held accountable, prosecuted and imprisoned.

This fight is not over.

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Of all the abjectly pathetic responses from the general public to the Covid Hoax, nothing has been more depressing than their utter refusal to make this same demand.

Yes, it was hell watching these morons march society toward dystopia with their cowardly mask compliance.

Yes, it was heartbreaking seeing them line up to get the death jab.

But still, neither of those moral and psychological failings even compares to the fact that virtually none of the vaccinated, in light of all that has emerged, are aggressively pursing justice for what has been done to them. Most would literally prefer to forget about it, rather than engage in the self-reflection implicit in holding scumbags like Fauci and Gates responsible.

We are not the same as these people.

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May the gods punish them to the fullest extent, and allow us to witness their handiwork.

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they will not give up on a passport and digital data to control our behavior, finances, healthcare.

the majority of doctors and healthcare professional organizations submitted their independence to the government. I've never seen anything like it. some of these same doctors though, are declaring they have been duped. they say it in private, but not publicly. hopefully they won't succumb another time to this tyranny.

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There never was a COVID-19. It was predicated on a fake test to get people into accepting a deadly/disabling gene therapy falsely called a vaccine.

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Hate to break it to you, but unless those of us who are not ultra-wealthy can cobble together about $6 TRILLION (about the amount appropriated as hush money during covid) with which to buy an alternate government, media, court system, etc., which we would need to hold these people accountable (since it's a lead pipe cinch the existing institutions will never do it), there is no way under the sun that any of these criminals will be held accountable. I know I sound pessimistic, but so far, I have not seen anything that could shake that feeling from my bones.

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“We caught them all” does not apply to election integrity alone…they’re all going down. No way Fauci escapes justice unless he is suicided.

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Never had billions from all countries want most of their leaders, doctors, academics hung.

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