My view; this should surprise no one. Democrats (and some Republicans) have been stealing elections for 100 years. Or more. What’s different now is that it is in your face, they do it with no fear of retribution, and the scene described here is repeated 1000s of times per week. Much of it caught on tape and nobody does a damn thing about it. Because 90% of them are in on it. As a general proposition, the cheating benefits the GOP mostly in the primaries. That way they keep the establishment RINO candidates in place and the more conservative candidates on the sidelines. Then in the general elections the DEMS cheat to hold the swing districts and the GOP looks the other way. This was on full display in 2020 when the RINO controlled legislatures in every swing state refused to address the cheating that took place, despite massive amounts of evidence, much of it irrefutable via video tape. There is no fix for this, other than a blow up of the entire system. That includes the way candidates are chosen, financed, and how and when voting takes place. The chances of that are slim and none. And slim was just put on Remdesivir.

Finally, and this assumes that we even have an election on 08 November, if you think there was cheating in 2020 you ain’t seen nothing yet. In 2020 they only needed to effectuate the steal in a handful of states. In 2022 the Dems are in trouble in all 50 states, even D+10 districts are in play. The amount and level of illegal and nefarious activity upcoming will dwarf all of the cheating that has taken place since the founding of the country.

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Simply awesome. I plan on circulating this later today after taking care of some other pressing personal business. You really don't need another hoorah in my opinion but what's the next level up for supporting your efforts?

Your reports are extremely important echoing and mirroring my thoughts and certainly many others.

This has made my day and a great start to the weekend.

Just wanted to get something out to you quickly.

Again, Best.

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Sep 27, 2022Liked by Kanekoa

Deborah Peoples belongs in jail.

Definitely a treasons criminal does not belong on the judicial bench.

Maybe even a bench in the prison yard is too good for the likes of her.

Mahalo fren for another great article 🙏🏽♥️🌺

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At least we can stop blaming stupid people for voting for Democrats. How many of our elected officials got cheated into office?

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I'm not a partisan and generally vote third party in major elections, but the election control disgusts me, and while such shenanigans were more balanced between the parties in the past, it appears more and more one-way as if to create a One Party system.

Either way, it would be intolerable to have One Party control both houses of Congress and the Executive office after November. If you don't want to vote Republican (and I usually don't except that I vote anyone I like in more local election), find viable independents and third party candidates this November. Pfuck Pfraud.

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You'd think if "deMOCrAcy" 🤪 was really all that important, they could "sell it" without cheating, right?

But, by so often pulling these underhanded shenanigans and fighting *against* voter ID, aren't they proving their own Democrat VOTERS don't care about actual "democracy"??

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