Once again KTG EXCELLENT report and superbly timed.

This is EXACTLY what every concerned citizen and patriot needs to see. In other words, MAIN STREAM MEDIA.

MSM, however, controlled by the extremists you mention, WB, IMF & D, could not be happier that this revolt is going on in Sri Lanka as it is so remote, so isolated that the average automaton could care less and ignores the problem. This makes censorship and suppression extremely EASY & most beneficial to 'their (msm) causes'.

This is why I subscribe here. Yet another fine example of what people NEED TO SEE as it FORE SHADOWS what will happen when the tyrannical extremists gain control. Once they assume power and acquire ADDITIONAL control, and the common little people have been force-fed enough bullshit, mobs, riots and revolts 'pop up'. Forget 'peaceful protests'.

We study history not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Current msm, WB, IMF & D CONTROLLED, could not be more DELIGHTED as ignorance plays RIGHT INTO THEIR HANDS.

It seems so obvious and simple but IT KEEPS HAPPENING.

Referring here to DC 1-6.

Great job, huge effort greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work. You WILL BE rewarded.

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Jul 17, 2022·edited Jul 17, 2022

This is a very helpful and informative article. I suspected something like this but didn't have the time to look it up myself. Canada is also apparently going to implement fertilizer restrictions. What a coincidence that the supply of fertilizer is under so much pressure due to a war between major fertilizer (and staple crop) producing countries just as elites want to impose fertilizer restrictions. How convenient!

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You made me a new subscriber. Thanks, Kanekoa and God Bless!

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To push a drastic change agenda in a small country like Sri Lanka is a recipe for certain disaster. Sri Lanka has little reserve to absorb a change that great all at once. While I do think organic farming practices are better, a policy of slower integration, allowing for learning curve and economic response would have been better.

I’m sure the Davos crowd knows this. What good is Sri Lanka in sudden chaos??? A set up for reset?

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I have an issue with them referring to their failed policy as going "Organic". One of the "non-organic chemicals" they banned was ammonia. This is a misrepresentation of what organic is. Ammonia is in urine. Fertilizer contains ammonia and other things. Claiming that these things are non-organic because they are "chemicals" is about as disingenuous as claiming that water is non-organic because it is has a "chemical" formula. What they did is the same thing they are doing in the Netherlands, they made up a non-sense excuse to ban a common necessary component for farming so they could intentionally collapse an economy. In the Netherlands they banned nitrogen, with the silly excuse it will save more moss. Yes, they claim they are doing it to preserve moss. The real reason though is to intentionally collapse the economy so the land can be stolen for a future planned "tricity" megalopolis. People claiming that Sri-Lanka's problem was "going organic" are using the old strategy of never letting a crisis go to waste. They are retroactively fabricating a narrative to demonize another one of their targets, which is actual successful healthy cost effective organic farming. Organic farming has been widely shown to be more productive with higher yields. Just look up the website gmwatch.org . The problem though is these criminals want you to eat zee bugz and eat lab grown fake chemical meat, and organic farming stands in the way of this very profitable tyrannical goal of forcing everyone to eat their toxic stew that is patentable and able to be licensed. Woke to me is the opposite of organic, woke is Bug Burgers with a side of GMO soylent green.

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ESG is a scourge on the free world. The ESG acronym stands for enviornmental, social and governance. The fictitious standards are used to rate businesses via woke criteria and are not congressionally approved. Sneaky backdoor policy implementation that undermines countries and will result in Great Reset conditions. Remeniscent of WV v. EPA. See you all in court before we have to go the Sri Lanka route.

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Jul 17, 2022·edited Jul 17, 2022

Love the snarky comment at the end of the video where the gentleman asks for feedback and asks if he is going to blame this on Trump. Ha!

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Ironic how this fertilizer crap is a massive load of BS.

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America get our act together. We are doomed if this happens here. Stand up to the Globalists or we are screwed.

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Just found your Stack from a Qwant search into this topic. Looks great, have a sub!

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Unrelated to SriLanka, but not to the GND bs. *1 Gigawatt Powerplant powers approximately 725,000 homes = (A watt is a measure of power and there are 1 billion watts in 1 GW. (And if you wanted to break it down even further, 1 million watts = 1 megawatt [MW] and 1,000 watts = 1 kilowatt [kW].

A gigawatt is a billion watts. Based on the above assumptions, a gigawatt power generator (if attached to a constant load without peaks), should power about 725,000 homes.

Incidentally, 1 Gigawatt is more power than produced by conventional power plants. 44% of power in the USA comes from coal. A typical coal powered plant produces 547 MW of power at full capacity.

Nuclear power accounts for 34% of US power production. The output of nuclear plants in America range from 500MW to 4 GW. The Palo Verde nuclear power plant in Arizona is the largest with three reactors and a total capacity of just under 4 GW.


* 4MW Wind turbines – you would need 250 to power 725,000 homes - wind turbines have a capacity factor of 42% when compared to coal and nuclear! A blade diameter of 492 feet or 150 meters – Multiply the blade diameter 492 X 7 = 1 SQUARE KILOMETER to determine the space between EACH turbine! WHY? The wake effect! Same as a boat leaves a wake, a wind turbine ALSO leaves a wake. A turbine TOO close to another will not pick up wind as it will pass by due to the wake effect! SO, to equal the output of a 1 Gigawatt Power plant – we need 250 – 4MW Turbines. 10 rows of 25 Turbines! ONE row equals 16.3 miles X 10 rows = 106 SQUARE Miles. You would need to DOUBLE the size to compensate for the CAPACITY FACTOR of 42%.

You would NEED 212 Square Miles of WIND TURBINES (WITH CONTINUAL WIND!) to Power 725,000 homes!

NOW, let’s look at the Industry Standard Solar Footprint. 100,000 square feet equals 2.3 square miles.

250 square acres per 50MW’s of solar while 425 MW are needed with a CAPACITY FACTOR of 20%! Less than Wind! So, with 250 SQUARE ACRES of Solar panels, we only equal 50MW. BUT, we need 250 SQUARE ACRES X 8.5 to equal 425 MW.

Considering the capacity factor of 20% for Solar and 250 ACRES per 50 MW of Solar when we need 425MW (250 Acres equals 3.32 miles) – Let’s do the math: 425 (MW) x .20 (Capacity factor) = 85 MW – Because we need 425 MW we will need 16.6 SQUARE MILES to equal 100%

Combining Wind and Solar

Solar: 20% Capacity Factor

Wind 42% Capacity Factor

1 row of 12 turbines is 7.82 miles – by 6.52 miles X 10 Rows = 51 SQUARE Miles

For Solar – because of the capacity factor, we need to double the land, so that will be 118.6 SQUARE Miles.

California uses approximately 33GW PER YEAR.

1 GW of wind power = 212 SQUARE MILES so we would need 7000 SQUARE MILES

California would need 4,480,000 ACRES to create 33GW’s for the State of California, basically, from Bakersfield to San Jose – THE ENTIRE Central Valley…

and Yes. I live in California. (And I am NOT an engineer!) 🙏

Thank You Kanekoa!

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I’m all in favor of organic instead of chemicals but not being forced upon you. That takes away our free will and that’s just plain wrong.

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As soon as I heard some mainstream narratives about how organic farming had bankrupted Sri Lanka I was suspicious on a number of levels. Without knowing much, intuitively I felt there had to be grubby little WEF/IMF fingers all over it. Since then the WEF deleted their 2018 article guest written by Ranil Wickremesinghe titled "Sri Lanka PM: This is how I will make my country rich by 2025". My question is: What was the purpose of this WEF encouragement? We know the global ruling class is not really interested in organics, rather they are more into the other end of the spectrum; genetic modification, synthetic protein etc. Did they know what this abrupt transition would do? Had they set them up to fail with new GMO varieties that would never succeed under organic management? It is all too convenient and let's face it, if they had to sacrifice an entire country as part of their agenda, well, this is not hard to imagine.

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Hasn’t anyone in government ever heard of at least “grandfathering out” older ways and customs while slowly implementing wildly new and different ways of doing things?

And hasn’t anyone in government considered calling around, looking into how things are going elsewhere? Looking at what is going well and what is going poorly seems like a small thing to ask and the first of many steps toward implementation of new ideas. You know, “HEY HORTENCE! How’s it going over there? Was the new green thing helpful for y’all? Did your farmers have a difficult time radically changing the way they did things overnight or were they cool with it?”

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