This is truly gold. Well done.

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Telegram has a number of channels with good (accurate, best I can tell) current information on the conflict in Ukraine — here’s a report on one of the journalists in the area (she’s now on a Ukrainian kill list) — https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/eva-bartlett-interview-civilian-kill-list-maternity-hospital-bombings-the-war-crimes-of-ukraine/

Several channels are compiling testimony from people in the Dombas who have been receiving artillery fire from the Ukrainian Nazi battalions (Azov, Aiden, et al) since 2014. Horrific tales, none of which see any corporate media attention.

Ukraine is a disaster of our making. Between the 2014 CIA-State Dept coup and the DOD/Metabiota biolabs, we’ve turned what should be one of the wealthiest countries in the world into a criminal fascist state with primary purposes of developing bioweapons, sex trafficking women and children, and laundering money for our corrupt politicians (and their offspring).

I’ve been on Putin’s side from the beginning — his speeches have really surprised me, and I respect Lavrov — both seem to be forthright, saying what they mean. Normally this would be where one would put in a disclaimer of the “I know Putin is evil…” but to be honest, I don’t have any knowledge of what he’s done to deserve the demonization. And I know what our politicians do to people with whom they disagree, so I’m leaving it there. Ukraine is a brutal place, the people of Crimea, the Dombas and nearby regions that have all held referenda to establish their independence from Ukraine have suffered enough at the hands of Zelensky and his Nazi battalions. I hope Russia succeeds in its stated goals.

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You put alot of research into this. Thank you!

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Seeing so many conflicting accounts of the situation it's hard to fully know the truth. We know from the Biden business that some degree of corruption is prevalent in Ukraine that involves all sorts of people and money.

Crimea is a nearly unique place of multiple ethnicities but had a long term lease for Russian interests created in an agreement long ago. The Russian takeover there may or may not reflect the viewpoints of their locals. But the Russian fleet activity is the major revenue generator. The Russians violated the original agreement.

The election of an Eastern Ukrainian associated with Russia may or may not be fraudulent. His removal was equally wrong during the revolution that may or may not have US entanglement. Following later elections, elections seem cleaner. But Ukraine did not have an effective military in 2014 leading to conflict in Donbas areas. The resentment between E-W Ukraine has a long history too complex to easily explain involving languages and things from long ago. Post revolutionary Ukraine expects the agreements reached after separation from Russia to be honored and Russian meddling in Donbas has not been appreciated. The US South Carolina was not allowed to declare independence either.

The Russian larger scale invasion seems prompted by the inability for Russia to gain ground in the Donbas likely as a result of a buildup of Ukrainian military resistance assisted by NATO and US trainers active since 2015-16. That frustration led to an attempt to take the whole place.

Zelensky may or may not still be owned by the oligarch that also owns Burisma which involved the Bidens. The fact that so may Ukrainians are rising to fight suggests Zelensky is their leader. Zelensky may or may not now be strong enough to be his own man and deliver on promises made to the people.

As this progresses, only Russia can decide when is enough. But the damage in both Ukraine and Russia has been extreme with collateral world damage.

Trying to sort out the good guys from the bad guys is nearly impossible from the outside. There will be no winners.

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Very eye opening. Nowhere, not even the alternate news sources I view have mentioned the Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk and Luhansk. The data is compelling and I like your new graphic. I do think the videos have been removed, just black boxes.

You bring truth back to journalism, backed with data and not opinion. I do hope you are one chosen for the TTV pit. You’ve been nominated.

Mahalo!! Great work!! 🙏🏽❤️🌺

Of course I am sharing it.

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Good job. More need to hear this.

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What an excellent piece of work. Thank you.

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I wrote about this months ago and this proves my claims. Great reporting, Kanekoa! Check out my newsletter the Nick Anonymous Truth Source here on Substack. nickanonymous.substack.com

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Yes they certainly do and have lied about the truth they Zelenskys Army ARE NAZI WARMONGERS & the double (Biden) is hiding the facts and truth from the EVERYONE and playing us right into the hands of the NWO, WEF NIH, ETC. Wanting to enslave us all globally..

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Thanks for this and as usual spot on. The masses too soon FORGET history. I thought first of the 'weapons of mass destruction', then all of the horse & bull shit propaganda machine(s), the 'diversion' of the tanking economy and the clincher 'Remember the Maine.'

Very well done and so worth the wait. I have only scanned the piece but will revisit as time allows later today.

NONE of this is 'new'.

I will forward the link in my vehicle to my audiences as well. Thx x100.

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Great essays. Great work. Bless your efforts in exposing the truth.


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If we view the break away republics as totally justified and legitimate under international law, then this article blaming the Ukrainians for starting the war makes sense.

OTOH, if we view the break away regions as merely illegal separatist movements, then can't we view Ukrainian aggression as a legitimate attempt to quash a civil war?

Which side is international law on? Did the UN grant the breakaway regions some kind of legal status as independent autonomous regions? Or, should we all just grant that they are legitimate because some are calling the 2014 US interference in Ukraine an illegal coup? What does international law actually say about this matter? I'm legitimately confused....

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Three questions:

(1) Which country invaded Ukraine in 2014, and annexed Crimea?

(2) Which country provided military backing to 'separatists' in Donbas, who were attempting to secede and join said country?

(3) Which country invaded Ukraine in 2022?

Clue: the answer to all questions is the same.

THAT is the country responsible.

Everything else, in your article, and here in the comments, is garbage created by that country's prolific propaganda machine.

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Thanks for compiling all the data. I have been looking through the OSCE daily reports recently, but didn't yet have time to compile the data

Jacques Baud is one of the best sources on the Ukraine conflict. I have been following his work for 2 years.

One thing you got wrong is Biden's announcement about the start of the war:

Biden announced on Feb. 11th that Russia would attack on Feb. 16th, while Zelensky kept on playing down the possibility of a Russian attack.


But Russia did not attack on the 16th. Instead Ukraine launched its artillery barrage on the Donbas and Russia evacuated civilians from the line of contact.


It's only after the Ukrainian shelling that Russia recognizes the Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk on Feb. 21st to conclude a treaty of friendship and mutual assistance on Feb. 22nd and launch the Special Military Operation under the provision of "collective defense" under Art. 51 UN Charta on Feb. 24th.

In other words,

- Biden knew on Feb. 11th that Ukraine would attack on Feb. 16th.

- Since Zelensky kept on downplaying the possibility of a Russian invasion, it is possible that the US (V. Nuland?) communicated directly with the Ukrainian military (Zaluzhny?) or the nationalist militias bypassing Zelensky.

- The decision to intervene was only made by the Russian National Security Council on Feb. 21st, 2022.

PS: It would be interesting to track the movement of the nationalist militias (Azov, 3rd Battalion, etc.) in the Donbas during the days before the war to determine whether it was them or the regular army that did the shelling.

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Great Summary. Jacques Baud definitely is one of the best sources on the conflict.

I wrote a summary of the events leading up to the war which goes into greater detail. Once I get around to setting up a substack page, I may publish it.

In addition to what you wrote, one of the most important events leading to the SMO is Zelensky's decision to bring in a law on "The protection of autochthones people of Ukraine" in July 2021.

The law does not give any protection to ethnic minorities "with a statehood outside" of Ukraine. In other words, ethnic Russians, Hungarians and Rumanians will not have the same citizens rights as Ukrainians and the protected indigenous people.

A Rada deputy of Zelensky's party said that "after the adoption of the law on indigenous peoples, citizens of Ukraine of Russian nationality will not have the same constitutional rights as representatives of the Ukrainian nation, the Crimean Tatar nation, as well as Karaites and Krymchaks."


This led Putin to write a lengthy article on the history of Slavic people and how Ukraine wanted to make Russians in Ukraine foreigners on their own land.


In an interview he further explains what he meant.


The Russians clearly saw Zelensky's Decree 117 for the reconquest of Donbas and Crimea in conjunction with the law on the autochthonous peoples as a threat to the people of the Donbas. They saw this as preparation for "genocide" or at the very least "ethnic cleansing". Considering the massacres of Odessa, Mariupol and the Nazi terror against ethnic Russians in the Donbas and elsewhere, this is hard to deny.

Thus, the Russian intervention is based on the principle or Responsibility to Protect (R2P) enshrined in international law.

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Followed your comments throughout this period. Has this story been updated to show more recent developments?

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