At present, between you and Berenson, I think that I know all I need to know about the vaccine(s).

Will know the rest in 10 years.


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We must understand the meaning of threat. And, to whom.

Children will pose the LONGEST THREAT…to the Communist system. An unVAXXED 8 year old, in 10 years, becomes a THREAT to their power. A 70 year old, today, doesn’t pose the same threat.

It’s the Long March! That 8 year old can easily be re-educated, with government’s current access. Adults will phase out, while the new Commie soldiers grow up attuned.

A sick, despicable plan! We just need to realize…this is the Hill where Freedom lives… or dies! It’s not a Bond movie. Not a screenplay. I’m damned mad it’s begun during My Time. I’m psycho mad there are people who would even consider genocide today!

Whatever happens, it can only be a “skunk” game. Only one victor. We cannot allow this ideological poison to continue. The Communist attackers believe the same!

Only the victors will see tomorrow!

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Kanekoa, did Vimeo take down your videos in this post?

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