Okay, I get it, he's a bad guy and all but isn't his actual crime cutting in on the official business of the U.S. gov't? We couldn't have, for example, armed ISIS if some quick, independent operator had gotten there first. Nor would the U.S. gov't have appreciated if someone else armed the Taliban in lieu of US defense companies.

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Let’s understand the facts first. Pedo biden isn’t in charge of jack shit nor is pedo biden making any decisions. This is Obama and big mikes 3rd term and they are doing the bidding of the globalists who own them thru pedo biden.

If most, if not all OUR military leaders weren’t corrupt and traitors this shit would have ended long ago.

There’s only one option left to fix what ails America. Unfortunately, not enough Americans are ready to make that leap.

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No one should be surprised that we traded an arms dealer. Of course we did. What is that part of the world crawling with right now? UNSOLD ARMS. All those weapons we are sending to Ukraine aren't getting sold fast enough. We didn't "release" the arms dealer, we gave him a JOB, we sent him there to help move the "goods" for a quicker payoff. That money doesn't launder itself.

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Isn't Biden himself the largest arms dealer now, with what was left in Afghanistan?

BTW, Kanekoa, I shared your query about not being on twitter to the attention of @elonmusk. Here's hoping!

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Aah but an infamous arms dealer with such a varied and lucrative employment history is needed at this time in history.

Just as those denizens of Digital ID systems in Ukraine to track and trace their entire population now provides this expertise to the UK to ID their population, in exchange for money laundering facilities in The City of London.

After all they can track people in Ukraine but not all those plane loads of weapons that cannot be traced as no paper trail.

They need a Big guy to move the money made to the Big Guys’ 10%.

Via London of course.

(And who stopped the peace negotiations at the start? UK.).

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You need to spend more time on your headline OGO.


The hypocrisy of it all.

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This latest action by the Resident is consistent with his shockingly generous gift to the Taliban last year. Early inventory guestimates included

* 40 aircraft, including Black Hawks

* 600,000 assault rifles (M16, M4, etc)

* 16,000 night-vision goggles

* 2,000 armored vehicles

* machine guns, grenades+launchers, bombs, drones

and, an intact military base.

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Hipocracy is lost on the Left.

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..."incentivize that of which more is wanted"...

By ransoming a sports figure for someone who is walking evil, while simultaneously flipping off a veteran held hostage for 4 years on dubious (to say the least) charges, "president Biden" has taught terrorists that our military is beneath contempt, but anti-American deviant haters are heroes.

Maybe he did it to keep our new Woke military members safe from kidnapping. [/sarc]

We should now expect The-Axis-Of-Evil to capture gays and transgenders for ransom instead.

Biden might trade the USS Pennsylvania for Jussie Smollette at this rate!

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The lines are so blurred now that I can't see quite why this guy was in prison. Our esteemed 'leaders' are equally as bad, if not worse.

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Whilst arms dealing is not a palatable profession, US used to utilise the services of Bout, but as is normal with US, when Bout ceased to be useful or posed an embarrassment, US decided to jail and silence him.

Lest we forget, Hillary Clinton was involved in the trade of arms through Libya resulting in Ambassador Stephens and his team being killed, and weapons being shipped across Sahel and Syria in support US foreign policy; Yet Hilary remains at free.

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Seems he should have released the arms dealer before the service.

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Actually, it is merely a case of women's basketball players with dicks, ... are just as important to the U.S. as extremely prolific arms dealers.

12/08/2022: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released From Russian Prison in Swap for Arms Dealer Viktor Bout: https://freespoke.com/story/5W8Cq1JuMJjOhMUdM12Hd

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The answer is very simple.

He does not know what he is doing.

The solution is something else.

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