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My disgust with national and world affairs is reaching a level that is not sustainable, now matter what the color of the revolution.

This must stop. This is not hypocrisy. This is organized crime. They are building a class war that will be their demise. But at what human cost?

There must be consequences. There must be a reckoning. How many lashes will people take, before they tear the whip from their abuser's filthy hands and take revenge for decades of abuse?

In other words, FUCK Joe Biden and the Rinos he rode in on, and the cavalcade of sociopaths that have followed this tidal wave of darkness.

I'm good with that, for now.

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Just proves what many of us already knew, Climate Change is a big money making scam for the select few. Great work Kaneoka!

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I’m less on the connection of Joe and Hunter (sins of the father and all that) but the article 100% points out that everything we do here is totally pointless. China. India. Russia (especially now…). They have net-zero F@&ks to give about CO2. We must embrace that adapting is the only way forward.

Meanwhile, we wonder if a boy is a girl, even when she becomes an NCAA champion, Disney wants 50% of their characters to be under-represented (forgetting they Shrek is race-less and did just fine with his friend donkey) and the administration appeals a mask order that 80% of people clearly reject because that’s how many faces were visible on the plane today.

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This is incredible information. It is honestly sickening to know these heinous people are running our beautiful country.

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"China continues to build coal-fired power plants at a rate that outpaces the rest of the world combined" - China copied the design of a US nuclear reactor so they would be able to supply their copy to other nations. Seems they have few buyers. They clearly can produce the nuclear fuels yet don't build reactors for themselves. Perhaps they don't trust their own technology.

OTOH, the profit margins are much better with fossil fuels and the Chinese are excellent business people. Perhaps by corrupting some of the most well connected in the US. As you note most of the climate change measures promote China at the expense of US prosperity. They do really plan ahead, don't they.

Oddly, these connections never seem to show up in US media. Can't afford to anger the real bosses.

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Great work, Kanekoa. It's unbelievable that we have to come to Substack to read real news. Those who seek the truth will find it here.

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Kanekoa: One of your links seems to be broken... Under "THE DOWNLOAD" section, for the article "A Dozen Times Joe Biden Played A Role In Hunter’s Business Dealings", the "Read more" link is broken. Is it meant to go here: https://nypost.com/2022/04/06/heres-a-dozen-times-joe-biden-played-a-role-in-hunters-deals/ , or somewhere else? Thanks for your good post. Yeah, the Biden family is sickeningly corrupt.

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Biden is a nationalist!!!

A China nationalist, committed to growing China’s economy and global influence!

All the while lining his pockets with dirty money. Literally!!!

Would that people who truly care about the environment, pollution and corruption read this, and come to terms with reality.

Love your work KanekoaTheGreat!!!

God bless you in this work!!🙏🏽❤️🌺

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These people literally make me sick!

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Thank you for all your work. I print many articles a week and find yours at least 1-2 x each week that are fact filled. Been doing this since 2017. I try hard to keep up with ongoing investigations that I started following 5 years ago.

I'm gonna need a bigger shelf for my binders 😊

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It’s never been about the climate. That’s a yarn for idiots! Money, power, control, that it, that’s all that matters!

And who was onto their game?

Tom Steyer: Until We Remove Trump from Office 'the Country Is at Risk' https://www.breitbart.com/clips/2019/02/19/tom-steyer-until-we-remove-trump-from-office-the-country-is-at-risk/

Tom Steyer: Impeach Trump for 'Corruption' https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/13/tom-steyer-impeach-trump-for-corruption/

Billionaire Steyer Compares His Impeachment Crusade To Civil Rights Movement https://papundits.wordpress.com/2018/05/30/billionaire-steyer-compares-his-impeachment-crusade-to-civil-rights-movement/

Tom Steyer, the Billionaire, organizing house parties to demand Trump's impeachment http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/billionaire-organizing-house-parties-to-demand-trumps-impeachment/article/2646665

Steyer and Indonesian Coal: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/09/22/McAuliffe-s-Green-Billionaire-Supporter-Enriched-Himself-Through-Coal-And-Oil

Indonesian Coal Mining Boom is Leaving a Trail of Destruction:


The New King of Coal,


Then, back in Bill Clinton's run's for the Presidency, there were these shady dealings with Indonesia. Indonesia seems to be passed around amongst the millionaires and billionaires like a, … never mind.

The Trillion Dollar Coal Lockup: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2680452/posts

Riady Years: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/01/04/AR2010010403106.html

Coal Deal: http://www.laissez-fairerepublic.com/indocoal.htm

EPA Admits Banning Coal-Fired Plants Won't Reduce CO2 Emissions: http://dailycaller.com/2013/09/25/epa-admits-banning-coal-plants-wont-impact-global-warming/

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