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Great article, Kanekoa! Thank you for your reporting on the "2000 Mules". I have no doubt that Soros, Zuckerberg and Sergey Brin are behind this. And let's not forget Dominion and the rigged voting machines.

I have great respect for Dinesh D'Souza, and I hope "2000 Mules" will expose the Fraud, and I hope it will have a great success... but... what will be done about it?

The DOJ is CORRUPT. The FBI is CORRUPT. The Supreme Court is 100% CORRUPT.

95% of the judges are corrupt (as we have seen since Nov. 2020, with the thousands of affidavit presented by Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood).

What will be done about it?

Which institution will do something about the Election Fraud, since every single one of them is totally CORRUPT? (and we are now 1 year and 3 months with a Demented Usurper, a SQUATTER in the White House)

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Do you have a list of videos, links or organizations that are involved in “uncovering & exposing” this election integrity issue?

I am in the process of curating https://NoSearch.org for the medical freedom and free speech movements, I would like to cover the “election fraud” as well, any and all ideas would be appreciated.

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Superb article Kanekoa! Everyone needs to read this! I will be sharing on all platforms that I am on. Especially FACEBOOK! Wake up the masses!

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Thank you for doing this. I just finished reading the entire article, watched the videos and slowly my faith is being restored and rekindled.

There is a huge groundswell and to me it looks like all of small pockets of patriots that have been resisting all of the bullshit from lockdowns to bogus vaccinations are gathering into a massive force that will be able to correct the problems and punish the bad actors, corrupt politicians and creeps. ALL OF THEM.

This is still the greatest country on the Earth.

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Unlike in 2020, more are aware that phantom voters exist. Those voters will vote with whatever ballots can be obtained and runners will collect those pieces of paper to feed the machines. Removing those voters is needed and we need to support efforts to do that. We now will need citizens to monitor drop boxes if they are still allowed and confront the runners.

Still a shame that the press refuses to address this corruption because their guy won. But the win by an incompetent person ought to cause every citizen to declare enough.

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Excellent article. I pray each an everyone of us, after we read this, pick our jaws up off the floor and hold our officials accountable for a free and fair elections. We are the United States of America, not some 3rd world country run by a despotic regime. We must reclaim our elections and our government, inch by inch, office by office, to uproot and destroy deep seated corruption!!

Mahalo for your great work Kanekoa!!🙏🏽❤️🌺

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THANK YOU Kanekoa!!!

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Nothing will happen. No arrests, no indictments. The entire shit-house called Washington DC is corrupt from ceiling to cellar. Corrupted by a Freemasonry cult which has federated with malevolent stone-age cults.

We cannot rely upon arsonists dressed as firefighters…more fires are coming…while these cults scream for our outrage.

Unless you are prepared to arise from your sofas and attend city council meetings to vote the ghouls out of their chairs, replacing with patriots, you will never get control of the cities.

Unless you are prepare to arise and attend County Supervisor meetings, to vote the ghouls out of their chairs, you will never control your counties and elect patriots for county sheriffs.

If you have no control over cities and counties you will never control your state.

Do you see a pattern?

It is our responsibility to get off our asses and clean this mess up - Trump aint doing a f-cking thing for us.

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Why all the theater? This is suppose to be evidence of election fraud, so why is this guy marketing it like a got damn product?

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If the producers really want to get this message out, it would help a lot if the producers were not charging viewers to see the movie. If this message is so important that we all need to see it, make it more accessible to viewers.

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Thanks for writing on this, Kanekoa!

I keep remembering how the IRS treated the "Tea Party" existing 501(c)(3) and applications for 501(c)(3), which makes me wonder if these known 501(c)(3)s paying for ballot harvesting, will be investigated?? Face any punishment?

I mean, we all know the corruption is wide and deep with the IRS, but won't they have to do something with these blatant criminal activities??

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Twitter blocked

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We know there was fraud and this documentary shows more evidence that we were scammed. The question is how do we get the rigged system that is called the government to do their jobs and go after these criminals when most of them are likely the criminals involved! The government is corrupt to the core and we need to take our country back! What's the solution ??

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A correction is needed in the article from True the Vote website to be https://www.iv3.us

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