From 2015 to 2019 I had the largest Facebook Group in the world devoted to parents who questioned vaccines (Stop Mandatory Vaccination). Then in early 2019 Congressman Adam Schiff demanded that Facebook censor me and everyone else who questioned the narrative that vaccines are safe, effective, and must be forcibly injected into every living human and animal. Our golden time was 2015 - 2019. Now i am banned - on ALL legacy social media platforms.

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Hitler's Stasi and Stalin's NKVD would be jealous of our current government's totalitarian hold on its citizenry.

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This is right out of Stalin's Russia. People need to be fired. Those in charge should be charged, convicted, and sentenced.

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The most discouraging thing about this story is how well they’ve done at keeping it suppressed. If I mention it in polite company, a precious few will nod in agreement. Of the remainder, half will look at me like I have a third eye, and the other half has the counter narrative pre-loaded. The totalitarians have an insurmountable head start. They have preprogrammed the opposition.

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Alas, we who read these Substack writers, we know all of this. You have documented the machinery quite well. Way back in time we were told Russian propaganda (no such thing as misinformation) led to HRC's failure to be anointed President. No mention that she is nothing but an evil thief without any charm. Apparently there was no counter argument and few would challenge the message.

So has the DNC effectively taken control of government? After all, we see funding flow to ensure conservatives are locked out of the public discourse. Only because an outsider with a really big war chest and apparently a very real concern for freedom bought Twitter. And now we can lay bare that the government violated the 1st by forcing (they were happy to be forced) Twitter to act as a agent of the government.

The really odd thing is that Soros or Gates could have bought Twitter! Perhaps even Trump. We might ask why they didn't. After all, Soros did buy an Hispanic network just to shut down conservative Hispanic voices. Perhaps they feared the public reaction would be too high. Or perhaps they imagined they could control the autistic Elon Musk. Or perhaps the Soros/Gates of this world really saw no opportunity to amass more easy riches. Musk, I expect, may find ways to make Twitter profitable because he actually has an imagination and vision, something many of the richest people lack.

Thanks for the article. We can hope the small portion of Congress that might listen will try to end these attack on the public from our own government. We don't need nor want to be protected from information - we seek it. More always better.

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Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law is what these government agencies have been doing by taking away citizens legal First Amendment rights. It carries up to dealth penalty.

Don't believe me, see on the DOJ site for yourself:


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Dec 30, 2022·edited Jan 1, 2023

People like Starbird don't understand that Trump's "nationalism" shouldn't be unique. LEGITIMATE governments exist to benefit the people of their respective countries AND PUT THEIR INTERESTS BEFORE THE INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE OF OTHER COUNTRIES. Nationalism is the only legitimate reason for a country's (and its government's) existence. No country was ever established for the benefit of the people in other countries.

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Don't forget Dr Shiva and his... uh... his thing. Really puts a lot of this into perspective.


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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

What a great resource, thank you! Independent news is the now and the future, imho.

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This is another important outfit to keep on the radar. The Aspen Institute's Commission on Information Disorder. The Aspen Institute is, in shorthand, a mini-World Economic Forum. In stature and shaping public policy, focused on the US. Its mission includes terms of art like "evidence-based reality" to describe political disagreement and resistance to political narratives as a mental disorder. A go-to of tyranny throughout history. What will people who are diagnosed as being dissociated from "evidence-based reality" also be called? Mentally ill? Insane? Another go-to of tyrants for political opponents, to be shipped off to behavioral health reeducation camps, even euthanized, humanely of course, the pathetic creatures and all?

From "About the Commission":

"State and non-state actors are undermining trust and sowing discord in civil society and modern democratic institutions by spreading, or encouraging the sharing of, false information across traditional and non-traditional media platforms. Government, industry, academia, and the public sector are struggling to understand the roles and responsibilities for countering malicious or otherwise harmful activities.

The Commission on Information Disorder aims to identify and prioritize the most critical sources and causes of information disorder and deliver a set of short-term actions and longer-term goals to help government, the private sector, and civil society respond to this modern-day crisis of faith in key institutions.

Through a series of expert briefings, structured conversations and roundtables, and surveys of existing research, the Commission will determine:

- The most effective policy solutions and stakeholders to address those most damaging near-term disinformation threats

- The lawful and ethical means by which the federal government can promote fact-based information to counter the most dangerous disinformation campaigns

- How government, private industry, and civil society can work together in the short term to help protect underrepresented groups, and engage disaffected populations who have lost faith in ***evidence-based reality*** [emphasis mine]

- The longer-term, more foundational challenges that will require deeper societal engagement to address

The Commission will also lay out a longer-term research, study, or action agenda for the field to undertake in the years ahead. Throughout its work, it will also consider issues of equity and community representation when it comes both to the negative effects of disinformation as well as efforts to counter such problems."

The cast of characters has many familiar names, some you name, but many you don't. And an inquisitive, wary eye should be cast on them to help unwind the massive propaganda landscape that's been built around us:


From "Meet the Commissioners":

Katie Couric


Journalist and Founder, Katie Couric Media

Chris Krebs


Founding Director, CISA, US DHS

Senior Newmark Fellow in Cybersecurity Policy, Aspen Digital

Co-Founder, Krebs Stamos Group

Rashad Robinson


President, Color Of Change

Marla Blow

Incoming President & Chief Operating Officer, Skoll Foundation

Dr. Aaron D. Ford

Nevada Attorney General

Yasmin Green

Director, Research and Development, Jigsaw [Google]

Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex

Co-Founder, Archewell

Will Hurd

Former Congressman of Texas

Jameel Jaffer

Executive Director, Knight First Amendment Institute, Columbia University

Dr. Herb Lin

Senior Research Scholar & Research Fellow, Stanford University

Kathryn Murdoch [Fox News]

Co-Founder & President, Quadrivium Foundation

Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble

Co-Founder & Co-Director, UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry

Prof. Deb Roy

Professor MIT, Director, MIT Center for Constructive Communication

Co-Founder & Chair, Cortico

Alex Stamos

Founder, Stanford Internet Observatory

Dr. Kate Starbird

Associate Professor, Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering, University of Washington

Amanda Zamora

Co-Founder & Publisher, The 19th"

It's deep and wide. Every rabbit hole we go down we find a dozen more rabbit holes.

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Dec 29, 2022·edited Dec 29, 2022

Wow. Just wow. Every day something new (to me) and shocking about just how far and deep the corruption is in our “government” comes to light. There seems to be no opposition other than the controlled one. How do we hope to get out of this alive and free?

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WOW...The SPEECH POLICE!!! Just like China!! Leads one to wonder 🤔 what kind of stranglehold control Xi has on Biden. Would love to see those private meeting transcripts of conversations between Xi and Biden!!

Dirty Chris Krebs was fired from cybersecurity and then worked for Dominion. It’s all tied together. So it’s no surprise he was a huge player. He was always against TRUMP. Just another bureaucrat snake who undermined Trump from the beginning.

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Vote like you believe it will be counted. :P

Its been an odd thing to watch for 25 years. First they figured out how to generate an online centralized forum and induced everyone that wanted to be heard to get on it.

Then they used that forum to propagate new ideologies without any accountability while censoring any commentary against those ideologies.

And now they let it be bought by someone who is sharing how that happened.

Why go thru the trouble?

To Control the narratives, and frame the right people in Good and Bad light so the mimicing public knows who to align with and obey/defer to.

With any luck the mimics will have sorted themselves while others have been induced to critically think for the first times in their lives, presuming they look beyond their own desires to try and see where the worlds headed.

It will be nice if we start to finally live in a world where each one is their own authority and each one capable of being such for themselves treats each other one of similar type in similar fashion.

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Not a threat, just an observation: Until good people begin dealing with these creeps as they would a rabid dog, the problem will remain and continue to fester until our nation goes full totalitarian.

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All public-private partnerships are fascist by nature and should be outlawed.

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