If more naive sheeple keep voting for the same criminalized rigged political system we're all in serious doo doo, we 're doomed! But I have hope, God is bringing changes...

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Covid was the warm up for this and build back better BS. Ethereum has been endorsed by the WEF. Which means if you want to use crytpo, best stay away from ETH. Precious metals will also be key as will bartering as fiats collapse, by design. Control money, control food, control the sheeple. Be a lion.

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Thank you for this vital information. Nonviolent Noncompliance. Oorah 👊 !

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This idea of digital enslavement is not some dystopian conspiracy theory. Even without the convenience of a CBDC, Canada already showed a willingness to use people's private assets and financial access as a weapon, for the simple "crime" of donating to the truckers' GiveSendGo fund. They confiscated people's money, shut down access to their bank accounts and any other financial assets they could get their hands on. These totalitarians tipped their hand a little too soon in my opinion, because now anybody who is awake can see that governments, not just in China, will do what this article presupposes if a CBDC is implemented. The bullet train already left the station and we're on it.

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Thank you so much. Praying it can be stopped.

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This is great information, thank you!

However... I do have bit of request. It would be great if you could have a parallel post that was Biden free. I have a bunch of people that would be interested in this information, but since it *appears* to criticize Biden (and rightly so), they will not read past the first paragraph. I would probably be more liberal friendly if you got rid of the Biden picture and his name in the first paragraph.

This information is critical; you did a great job laying it out, but right now, I think it would be off putting to those who are of the liberal bent. That being said, most liberals I know are against this idea, but if you link it to a political party, they are less likely open to the discussion.

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You're absolutely correct! I'm praying we can turn this country we love around! God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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It’s unconstitutional because the US Constitution says “COIN MONEY”. The people must reject this digital currency and start issuing their own currency in gold and silver certificates much as it was before the Federal Reserve was established.

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CBDC are so easy to implement. What’s holding them back? It’s not like the people or anyone in public office can stop CBDCs.

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Can we fast-forward here and PLEASE pull the plug on this circus, fiasco and masquerade?

Candidate Biden ('72), 'I did stupid things before and I'll do stupid things again.' Referencing and ADMITTING to plagiarism. Truer words were never spoken by any politician EVER.

To point, this is where 'they' are LEADING us. RESIST this NONSENSE NOW or it will be too late.

I am PRAYING for our country. ONE Nation under God.

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This makes me ill. They aren’t going to stop until they get it. He’s already made the oder so what can we do?

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Imagine this scenario:

You did not allow the government to ‘buy back’ the firearms we KNOW that you have. . .

Access to your money, health care, food, employment, education, transportation / travel, housing, etc., etc., etc., ALL DENIED.

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It seems that this could hopefully lead to more people using and supporting bartering and cash-based transactions. Personally, I've gone to using lots more cash.

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Follow the money: $16.1B for major corporations developing a social credit security state in the US and Europe modeled after China in place by 2026 - three years from now the infrastructure will be in place, globally. This is not in the far future. This is now. With or without CBDC. CBDC just makes it easier.


Worldwide Social Credit Industry - Infrastructure to Support Social Credit Systems Represents a $16.1 Billion Opportunity by 2026

Business Wire (Berkshire Hathaway), December 21, 2021

"The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated substantial interest in citizen monitoring solutions."

"However, most systems will have socially acceptable behaviour at their core. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity as a combination of government, companies, and society as a whole must determine "good", "bad", and "marginal" behavior within the social credit market.

Beginning as a trend largely orthogonal to public safety and homeland security concerns, the market for social credit system infrastructure will ultimately become a mainstream component of both business and public policy."

These are not companies throwing real money away for empty public relations campaigns:




Analog Devices





Bosch Security Systems

Broadcom Limited (Avago)


China Rapid Finance


Deep Vision AI





Infineon Technologies






NEXT Biometrics

NVidia Corporation

NXM Semiconductors

Omron Corporation



Robert Bosch GmbH





Texas Instruments


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It’s bad enough the credit score companies have the influence they have to the point where if you even just APPLY a for something your score goes down. A federal crypto?!? Yea, no...

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Our Constitution clearly says the ONLY LEGAL TENDER IS GOLD AND SILVER and it is time our Congress start adhering to the Constitution. The President nor anyone else has the right to declare a legal tender. It was already declared in the Constitution and that has never changed.

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