Paper ballots. Voter ID. The only way.

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Thank you for bringing this up now. As far as it may be, if there is to be a legitimate election and continuing USA, this stuff has to be dealt with right now. It can’t wait.

Of great interest in the whole Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Sydtems is Lord Malloch Brown, another Christopher Steele-type high level British operative.

“ Through his lifelong affiliation with Soros, Lord Malloch Brown (Knight of the Order of St George and St Michael) played the role of color revolutionary godfather and key controller of such “technocrat friendly puppet leaders” as Corazon Aquino as well as her son Benigno Aquino III of the Philippines, Georgia’s George Saakashvili and even the hapless talking ego Barack Obama.

After working through an extended “apprenticeship” under the cover of UN aid worker, and marauding journalist for the London Economist, Malloch Brown found himself working for a Washington consulting firm named Sawyer Miller in 1985. It was at this time Malloch Brown was deployed to become the advisor and speech writer to Philippine opposition leader Corazon (Cory) Aquino under the supervision of then Secretary of State George Shultz. Corazon was a darling of the western establishment but had the nearly impossible task of challenging the popular nationalist President Ferdinand Marcos who had steered his country into economic sovereignty in opposition to international financiers since his inauguration in 1965.

Applying all of the arts of perception management and marketing, Malloch Brown took control of Aquino’s campaign transforming it into the “People Power Revolution” that was in many ways the first successful color revolution of our modern times. Knowing that votes would likely favor the incumbent Marcos, Malloch Brown wrote that he drafted Aquino’s victory speech before the elections and had her deliver it before votes were even finalized- and which accomplices in the media were all too happy to project publicly fueling the mythology that Corazon had won.

Describing these events years later, Malloch Brown said: “An outstanding accomplishment during the Cory campaign was to produce an exit poll that indicated that she had won. It landed on the front page of the Inquirer and had a profound impact as it planted the idea that Aquino had won over Marcos… Marcos did not really recover after that. It was a very exciting experience to watch.”


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Over the past six months I have contacted every level of government rep. with similar information. NOT ONE has offered any solution, NOT ONE has even acknowledged the significance of these issues. And NOT ONE will get my vote this November.

I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils.

Maybe after the revolution, or maybe I should say restoration, the basic rights of election integrity will be secured.

Voter ID

In-person Voting

Election DAY, (not month)

Paper ballots, non-electronic tabulation.

Eliminate political action funds, no NGO donations, no ballot harvesting, and campaign donations from constituents ONLY.

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We must eliminate electronic voting machines. Verifiable paper ballots and ID, or we can never again trust elections.

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These are not voting machines, they are voting control devices, built with the very specific purpose to allow the Cabal to gain DOMINION through SMART MAThematIC manipulations of the votes over whoever the people may elect as their leaders.

They were never hacked, they were remotely controlled and supervised to do their job. This is how members of the Cabal get elected all the time, how else do you think these morons end up as "elected leaders" in every highly developed country ?

Look around and you'll find the same "two party merry-go-round" everywhere. This is how they rule over us, this is how they plant their own people in decision making positions everywhere and rob us blind while pretending to be legit. This is why they don't want homogenous populations anywhere, they know different cultures don't really mix, "multicultural" societies did not fail their purpose, they worked as planned, dividing the population in groups blaming each other for each horrible electoral result, while the Cabal is laughing its arse off.

Trump got elected by a vast, unexpected majority which overwhelmed the software and got them by surprise, this is what happened. Twice, but the second time, they did not rely solely on the already "upgraded" software, they were prepared with new laws and loose regulations and ballot harvesters and mail-in ballots, and still it wasn't enough, so in their desperation they ramped up the steal to even higher levels and this is how and why the fraud became noticeable.

These voting manipulation devices are being used in the UK, in France, in Germany, the Netherlands, in Australia, in Italy ... everywhere, with the same results. It is a massive fraud at a global scale and stopping it everywhere and going back to manual counting is paramount in our quest to remove the cancerous Cabal which is literally killing us all.

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Kanekoa, have you seen the documentary “HackingDemocracy”? It was filmed in 2006 - John Kerry and Howard Dean participated in this and KNEW from 2006 electronic voting systems were vulnerable! The SAME director made “KillChain” in 2016 …

They knew.

They planned.

They stole a national election.

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I eagerly wait for open source voting systems to arrive. There are/have been multiple projects that NEVER seem to result in concrete systems. All proprietary systems use common hardware which can be sourced via multiple channels. Their software is what various states are buying and only a license at that. Every feature of the vendors can be created via open source tools. The only reason these private companies can do what they do has to be graft IMHO. The vendor with the best bribe wins a state. But those vendors act to prevent creation of the open source competition IMHO. Open source software could be supported by a number of third parties certified and vetted by the various states. The states would save on license fees and procurement of common hardware saves money as well. The third party support could be innumerable small companies who could support the states.

I do hope that a deep drive into why these systems never seem to arrive can be done. I suspect many of us feel the same way.

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I first became aware of the danger of electronic voting machines in 2012. At that time, there was a document going around that had been extensively researched and notated to give all of the evidence as to why electronic voting machines should be investigated by the district attorney's office. I printed this document up and hand delivered it to my county DA, along with a request for them to open an investigation. I never heard anything more. I'm certain that my paperwork ended up in the trash but maybe this is still a viable way to get the ball rolling legally, since Congress is likely not going to do anything.

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Scan, Read, Tabulate and Report machines have been in use since the 1950's. The only "errors" that arose were unreadable ballots that kicked out. It is a simple, five programmed step process. By allowing vendors to create needless code and programming as well as multiple ways to access machines and results, we have allowed election fraud risk to flourish. Either we shut down complex voting machines and replace with simple closed "old school" counting machines, or we go back to hand counting ballots. One person, one vote with ID on one election day.

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Apparently when I tried to post a link to your SubStack, Twitter wouldn't let me. You a bad guy now?

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